Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Brown Bedspread for My Love

Here is a bedspread and throw pillow I made ages ago, but never photographed.  It was a fun experience.  My friend Wendy Anne has a sewing shop and she let me have some sample fabric she didn't need.  She also let me use her wonderful industrial sewing machine to sew up this enormous king size bedspread.  Side note:  I absolutely loved using the industrial sewing machine!  I produced a higher quality product more quickly than I can on my little sewing machine at home.  It was a delightful experience!  Thanks Wendy!  I wanted to make something nice that my hubby would enjoy too.  The backing is a soft and cozy cotton fabric that enhances the snuggle factor.  I plan to add a few little fabric flowers to the pillow one of these days.

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