Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Carrier Stretch Wrap

I feel super proud of myself.   I made this stretch wrap while the little guy I was babysitting was napping.  It feels really good to find such awesome ways to use my fabric stash up!

I made this out of some jersey knit fabric I had.  I always meant to make a skirt out of it.  Here is the Stretch Wrap Tutorial I used.  This is a quick and easy project!  I added a pocket in the front to help center it when you put it on, to add a little extra stability on baby, and to keep the mama hands free.  I'm curious to hear from the mama I gave it to how the stretch holds up.  I liked learning a new seam, the french seam.  Hopefully this will be a durable and useful wrap.

The project was inspired by my love for The Ultimate Baby Wrap by Parents of Invention.  That's what I used with my own little guy and I loved it sooooo much, but sadly I don't have it anymore.  It was made from sturdier, but perfectly stretchy fabric.  It was a much better fabric than the Moby Wrap.  I was bummed to discover that it is no longer made.  I loved my gray colored one.  It wasn't too hot, like I imagine the darker color would have been.  If I end up with another baby of my own, I'm possibly interested in purchasing an Anaju Wrap in the natural color.  It might be a better material and more breathable, which is a must when living with the Texas heat and humidity.

Here I figured out how to wear the wrap a little better.  In the first picture it's a bit bunched up.  It's been 7 years since I had a baby of my own to wear and I was out of practice.  I'm proud of myself for even remembering how to wrap it.  I love how stretch wraps really spread the weight of the baby out evenly.  So much less back pain compared to all the other wraps I've tried!