Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buckets of Blue gets a Logo

Welcome to the unveiling of my new Buckets of Blue logo! I got the cute little bird that's at the top of my webpage onto my cozies. It will be on one side of each coffee cozy I make.

Also, here is my new laced method to close up my coffee cozies. I really love them. The pretty brown cord sparkles just a tiny bit and adds a teeny bit of pizzazz. This also makes the cozy better for being reversible because it lays just as flat no matter what side you have it on. With the button & elastic coffee cozies you get a lump when you reverse it. I don't mind that so much myself, but some might. I put together these coffee cozy/coaster gifts sets this last week for party prizes at a lovely baby shower we had at my house. The prizes were a hit. I made three reversible cozies and three reversible coasters. I wanted to show both sides of each, which is why there are so many pictures. I plan to make more to sell this summer when I'm done homeschooling my kiddo for the school year. Then I'll finally get to open my etsy shop!

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